#TESTIMONIAL – Marcos AurĂ©lio

Learn about the entrepreneurship in Australia

In this week’s episode, we interviewed our dear Marcos AurĂ©lio from Brisbane.

In Part 1, Marcos talked about the reasons that led him to come to Australia and how he got to Connection Australia.

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In Part 2, Marcos told us about his career as one of the owners of the O Brasileiro restaurant in Brisbane and the challenges of being an international student in Australia.

In Part 3, Marcos gave tips to those who want to exchange, talked about the importance of English and showed his vision about Australia.

In Part 4, Marcos spoke about the importance of an agency and qualified professionals during his visa process and the important steps to be taken.

Our team at Connection Australia is always ready to help you throughout the process before and after arriving in the land of kangaroos. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with us here.

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