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How To Create Your Resume in English

A well-prepared resume in English can increase your chances to get a professional role in Australia. In this post, we will give you some relevant tips so you can boost your resume in English! 1. PERSONAL DATA At first, you will have to include your personal data such as full name, D.O.B (date of birth),[...]

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#TESTIMONIAL – Maria Salete Vitalino

EXCHANGE PROGRAM DURING THE PANDEMIC AND RETURN TO BRAZIL In #testimonial this week, he interviewed our dear Maria Salete who is in Brazil. Maria Salete Vitalino told about her history with CA, how to exchange in the middle of the pandemic, and the process of professional relocation in Brazil. Are you curious to watch it?[...]

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English Requirements for Vocational Courses

The VET (Vocational Education & Training) courses are very popular among international students due to the focus on practice skills. This type of course is similar to a technical course in Brazil and it is a great option to have a professional qualification in different areas in Australia. Are you in doubt if you have[...]

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#TESTIMONIAL – Thaís Manzon

MY STORY WITH CONNECTION AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 In the #testimonial of this week, we interviewed our dear Thaís de Canberra. Thaís told about her history with CA, her relationship with the founder Ari Rocha (in memoriam) and owner Mari Rocha and the importance of having the support of an exchange agency, especially in the most challenging[...]

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7 Professions in High Demand in Australia

Living permanently in Australia is the dream of many international students when they arrive here. If you want to work in your professional area in Australia, there are some specific requirements depending on the field chosen. Also, there is the Skilled Occupation List with the job occupations that Australia needs the most and this list[...]

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#TESTIMONIAL – Raphaela Piazzi

COMMUNITY SERVICES AREA IN AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 In this week's #testimonial, we interviewed our beloved student Raphaela from Sydney. Raphaela talked about her studies in the area of Community Services and Aged Care. She told about the experience of working in this sector in the country and gave tips to those who are thinking about doing[...]

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