Visa Denied: What to do?

One of the biggest fears when applying for a student visa to Australia is the possibility to have a visa refused.

Since this is the document that allows your entry into the country, it is important to be mindful and pay attention to each step of your application.

There are many reasons that can lead to a visa refusal. However, it is possible to avoid this with the correct approach and help of a student agency.

Keep reading this post and check out how to act in this situation!


The Immigration Department reserves the right to refuse a student visa if it believes that you are not a genuine student.

And this may be caused by some reasons such as:

  • Lack of sufficient documents in your visa application
  • Lack of bonds with your home country
  • Insufficient financial support
  • Contradictory information on your documents or Genuine Temporary Entrant letter (GTE)

Generally, when the Department of Home Affairs denies a visa, they provide a refusal letter containing the information and motives of the decision.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to pay attention to every detail of your application to ensure that the information provided is accurate.


First of all, it is relevant to carefully understand and study the reasons for the refusal.

Also, in Australia and New Zealand, it is not necessary to wait for a certain period of time to make another visa application.

However, it is recommendable that you only make another application once the current reasons why you had your visa denied, are different (consequently, can be proved). Otherwise, the outcome will be the same.

For more information about the student visa to Australia, you can check the website of the Embassy of Australia – Brazil here.

Moreover, do not give up. We understand that having a visa refused can be really frustrating and disappointing.

But we always say that every situation can be changed and outlined with the right approach and counseling.

Once again, the support of a student agency is extremely important in those situations.

If you want to watch a testimonial about a student visa denied and that was reverted, click here.

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