True or False: Life in Australia

Discover the myths and truths about the country

When we are planning our exchange program, we hear a lot of myths about life in Australia generally.

For this reason, we decided to make a list of 5 true or false statements that will help you to have a better perspective of the country.

Want to discover if they are true or false? Have a look at our post!


1- You can see kangaroos everywhere in Australia


Kangaroos are the most iconic animal in the country. However, they are considered a pest in Australia.

Statistics show that Australia is home to 25 million people and 50 million kangaroos.

Even though there are heaps of kangaroos in Oz, it is not common to see them walking around the big cities.

There are specific places such as national parks and sanctuaries where you can find many kangaroos in their natural habitat but you certainly will not see a kangaroo on your way to school.

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

2- Most of the places close early in Australia


Apart from the biggest cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, the establishments in many cities around Australia generally close early around 6 pm.

In fact, Australia has a daytime lifestyle. Usually, people start working at 8 am and finish around 4 pm.

Some supermarkets, shopping centres, and pharmacy stores close at 6 pm, depending on the location.

Australians value their quality of life and that is why many places are not open 24/7.

Photo by Burst on Pexels

3- Sydney is the capital city of Australia


This is another misconception about the country.

Many people think that Sydney is the capital of Australia because the Olympic Games in 2000 were based there.

Sydney is the biggest city in the country. However, Canberra is the right answer.

The city is located within the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Photo by Social Estate on Unsplash

4- Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world


According to the World Cancer Research Fund website, Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

The majority of skin cancer cases in the country are due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation in sunlight.

Also, Australia is close to Antarctica, where there is a hole in the ozone layer, making the risks even higher.

So, that’s why it is extremely important to use sunscreen every day (no matter if you are heading to the beach or not).

Photo by BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific on Unsplash

5- It is prohibited to drink on the beach, parks, and streets in Australia


If you think that you can drink anywhere in Australia, you are wrong.

Even though this law may vary from state to state, it is very rigid in Australia.

Drinking in public places or just holding a bottle of beer on the streets is considered illegal.

So keep that in mind because heavy fines may be applied to people who do not follow the rules.

Photo by Lea Böhland on Unsplash

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