TOP 12: Best Beaches in Australia

Discover what are the best beaches in the Land Down Under

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Australia?

Let me guess: beaches! 🏖️

The population of Australia is concentrated in some pockets, so it is no surprise that the most popular beaches are close to the coastal cities.

Aussies love the outdoor life, which is why they are successful in so many sports. Not surprisingly, they also love to head to the beach.

Here are the 12 best beaches in Australia:

1- Bondi Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

Bondi Beach is known the world over. The sun-tanned lifeguards have been portrayed in many films and TV shows. Just a short bus ride from the heart of Sydney, the sight of the curved beach, sunbathers, swimmers, and surfers greets you on arrival.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Image by RCbass from Pixabay

2 – Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas, Queensland

This lovely stretch of sand has few equals, even in Queensland. The waters are inviting, but at certain times of the year, the poisonous box jellyfish appear. Don’t let this put you off, though, both the beach and the clear blue waters are a real treat when you are in Port Douglas, which is a departure point to the Barrier Reef.

3 – Manly Beach, Sydney, New South Wales

People have been swimming here for more than a century, and over 50 years ago, the first surfing championships were held here. The ferry departs from Circular Quay and the trip is well worth it. Good tourist infrastructure has grown with the beach’s popularity; there are bars, restaurants, and shops aplenty. Several walking trails add to the attraction of the beach for those wanting a break from sunbathing.

4 – Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays, Queensland

For several years, this beach was recognized as the best in Australia. Whitehaven Beach has beautiful, soft white sand, as pure as anything you’d find worldwide. If you can drag yourself away from the sand itself, climb up the hill, where you can spot the coral roofs through the crystal-clear waters.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Image by Horst Müller from Pixabay

5 – Rapid Bay, Fleurieu, South Australia

Located in the north of Adelaide, this beach lies below impressive cliffs and remains very much a secret to the wider world. Indeed, one of the attractions for divers and snorkelers is the shipwrecks. Just be careful because there are no lifeguards on this small but impressive beach.

6 – Seventy-Five Mile Beach, Fraser Island

This is the largest sand island in the world. Its lovely sands and tropical rainforest create a true paradise. There are freshwater lakes, huge dunes, and shipwrecks. The colours are magnificent and the Great Barrier Reef is just to the north. Accommodation in keeping with the natural environment is available, and those who love fishing should spend some time here.

7 – Eighty Mile Beach, Western Australia

Located between Broome and Port Hedland in North West Australia, it is much longer than its name suggests. The peace and quiet of this extensive shoreline delight the migratory birds, nesting turtles, and tourists who want to camp away from the crowds. It is a great place for bird watchers keen on wading species, with the park being a well-recognized wetland area. 

8 – Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Noosa Main Beach lies in the north of Brisbane. If you want to learn how to surf, this might be the place for it. The waves are generally very gentle, while lifeguards and more experienced surfers will be around to keep you safe. Because it faces north, the waters are warmer than elsewhere, as well as being sheltered. If you are looking for a place to suit the whole family, Noosa Main is an impressive spot.

Noosa Main Beach, Sunshine Coast

Image by Jaibyeon from Pixabay

9 – Mooloolaba Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Located in the urban centre of Maroochydore, Mooloolaba Beach on the Sunshine Coast is a haven for locals and tourists. The water is calm throughout the year, so it attracts swimmers and body surfers. It is a family-friendly beach, full of natural beauty and calmness. 

10 – Cable Beach, Western Australia

One of the most crowded beaches in Australia. Four-Wheel Driving, Fishing, Sailing, Snorkelling, Swimming are some of the activities that you can do there. If you are keen on trying something different, why not ride a camel down the beach?

11 – Wineglass Bay, Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania

Located in Tasmania, this lovely beach is a treasure in Australia. Sunset is a lovely time in the bay, and a favourite pastime of visitors is cruising the waters. The local national park attracts hikers, but there is nothing to stop you from just relaxing on the beach.

12 – Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland

The most famous beach on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is known for its lovely sand and warm, clear waters. Around 1 hour and a half by train from Brisbane, this popular beach has many attractions to offer. The high-rise skyline is famous, while the shops, cafes and nightlife all help to attract tourists. It is two kilometres long and lifeguards are in attendance throughout.

Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland

Image by Matty Rogers from Pixabay

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