The Ultimate Guide to Victoria

Discover the unmissable things to see in the state

Victoria is the smallest state in Australia and it is also one of the most vibrating and touristic places in the country.

Home to many fantastic views, culture, sports, and entertainment scene. Basically, everything happens in the region so it is commonly considered the place to be.

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Melbourne is the capital city in the state of Victoria and it has been named as the most livable city for many years.

The high infrastructure, education, and healthcare system are some of the aspects that contribute to this status.

Fun fact: Did you know that the famous actors Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) were born in Melbourne?

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Also, the cultural capital city in Australia is known for its diversity, amazing food and coffee shops, and exciting nightlife. The legendary laneways in Melbourne are one of the main attractions for tourists and it is part of the city’s charm.

Put on your list: Flinders Lane, Degraves Street, Hosier Lane, AC/DC Lane, and Albert Coates Lane. These are located in the city center and are the most famous ones.

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Around half an hour from the heart of the city, you can find one of most “Instagrammable” locations: The Brighton Bathing Boxes.

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These lovely little houses around the beach are usually crowded since everyone wants to take a picture of it. However, the white sand and sparkling water are also very attractive in Brighton Beach.


Everywhere you go in Victoria, there’s something new and magical to see.

There are countless places to explore in the state and the Great Ocean Road is one of them. The road is Australia’s best scenic drive and you can find koalas and kangaroos along the way.

Tip: Make sure to stop at the lookouts and enjoy the amazing views in the region.

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The most famous coastline in Australia leads to another major destination in the country: The 12 Apostles.

Approximately 4 hours far from Melbourne, the world-famous 12 Apostles is a fantastic landscape. Around it, there are other natural attractions like Loch Ard Gorge and London Bridge.

If you want to see this iconic spot from another perspective, you can book a helicopter ride and enjoy the view in the air.

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For a foodie experience, Yarra Valley is a great spot. Less than an hour from Melbourne, the charming location contains high-quality restaurants and popular wineries. With a romantic scenario, the place is a perfect getaway.

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And the list of places to see in Victoria continues…

Another tip is to visit Philip Island, around 142km from Melbourne. The island is famous for the Penguin Parade, which is the main attraction there.

Photo by Regina Folken on Unsplash

The unforgettable experience offers a close view of the penguins on its natural habitat during the sunset and an interactive way to learn more about these cute animals.


Victoria is also famous among Australians as The Education State. By that nickname, you can already imagine that education is a huge investment and an important topic in the region.

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Therefore, it is no surprise that two universities in Victoria are ranked as one of the 100 best universities in the world: The University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Besides, Melbourne is the third-best city to study abroad, according to QS Top Universities in 2019.

If you are keen on learning more about education in Victoria, have a look at this website.


Unfortunately, the Coronavirus situation in Victoria is evolving again. The reason why the numbers of cases are increasing is still uncertain but the authorities believe that the large gatherings and community transmission might be the main cause.

Despite the current situation, the borders in Victoria are open to travel interstate. On the other hand, for people living in Melbourne’s hotspots suburbs where the community transmission increased, interstate travel will not be permitted. You can check the restricted postcodes here.

Also, Queensland declared that will not allow Victorians to enter the state. Other states in Australia are taking the same measures.

The Victorian government warns people to use common sense in order to revert the situation.

At the same time, we strongly recommend you to stay safe and keep updated with the latest news.

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