Yoga and Counselling courses available in Brisbane

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Are you a yoga lover? 🕉️

Do you have an interest in starting a counselling career? 🧠

Then check this opportunity: ALG (Australian Learning Group) now offers VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses related to Yoga and Counselling in Brisbane. 

ALG has expanded and fully renovated the Brisbane campus and the brand new facilities have all the necessary tools and comfort to relax and just focus on their studies. 


Yoga is one of Australia’s largest growing fitness activities. It has expanded into gyms, retreats, health resorts, schools, care homes and yoga studios creating a high demand for teachers. The industry continues to expand in areas of niche services, such as yoga for special needs and other life stages such as seniors and children.

Potential job outcomes may include: Yoga teacher in gyms or studios (the teacher may be self-employed or contracted by a larger company), Yoga studio owner/manager, Program Coordinator.


The outcomes for this course are the achievement of knowledge, skills and attributes to fulfill the role of counselors, who work with clients on personal and psychological issues using established counselling modalities.

Potential job outcomes may include: Generalist Counsellor, Domestic and Family Violence Counsellor, Youth worker, Community Services Worker, Community Services Manager, Careers Counsellor, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor, Problem Gambling Counsellor and Student Counsellor.


Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching

Diploma of Yoga Teaching

Diploma of Counselling

For more details about the Yoga and Counselling courses or if you would like to book a campus tour, please reach out to our agency so we can arrange everything for you.  

Enroll now for Yoga and Counselling courses at the ALG Brisbane campus!

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