How to validate your University Degree in Australia

Learn about the validation process of an University Degree in the country

One of the most common doubts among international students is how to validate their University Degree in Australia.

Whether with the purpose of continuing your studies or working in your academic area, it is important to understand the steps of an University Degrees’ validation.

Do you want to validate your University Degree in Australia? Have a look at the process below! 🎓


If you are willing to validate your University Degree to continue your studies in a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Doctorate Degree, you need to consider if your academic area is recognized in Australia.

In the country, there is a program called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), that validates the previous experience of the student whether it is formal or informal.

This system is very useful for students who are aiming to continue their studies since the skills validated for the program can be used as credits to reduce the amount of period of studies in Australia.

Basically, the institution in Australia evaluates the curriculum of the course made in Brazil so therefore, it is possible to “eliminate” some subjects that are considered equivalent.

However, each institution has its own requirements. For this reason, it is recommendable that you research this process with the sector of admissions in your specific area.

Besides, it is necessary to have the IELTS certificate with its required score.

Tip: Try to gather all the documentation (including the curriculum of the course and the University Degree) translated in advance.

If you want to know more about the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), click here.

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The validation of the University Degree for professional purposes will depend on the students’ area. For each profession, there is a responsible authority that contests if the profession practiced in Brazil is recognized in Australia.

This process may vary depending on the occupation area of the student and some areas require practical exams, and sometimes, even internships in the Australian workplace before grant professional validation.

For the professional areas that do not require a license, it is possible to request a qualifications assessment, which is the easiest and more affordable way to validate the University Degree.

In this scenario, the University Degree will pass through an evaluation that will show the equivalent qualification to your profession in Australia to a future employer. This serves as a guide to the employer.

You can make a request for the “qualifications assessment” online through this website.

On the other side, for the professional areas that require a specific license (for example, doctors, lawyers, and engineers), the process might be longer and more expensive.

The proper authority will evaluate your course and grades. Also, they might make interviews to know your expertise, level of English, among others.

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Even though the process might differ depending on your intention, this basic documentation is necessary for all occasions:

  • Certificates of Qualification (original and authenticated copies);
  • Academic Record (original and authenticated copies),
  • Any certificate related to your study area. This involves professional experience such as a letter of the employer and/or academic certificates (published articles, seminaries, lectures, etc).

Moreover, it is important to enhance that all the documents must be translated by an authorized professional. You can find a translator authorized by the Australian Government here.

If you have any further doubts, access the Australian Government website here.

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