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Lucas Alcoforado

"I would like to extend my deep thanks to the people of Connection Australia. After two student visas denied, my wife had lost hope about the possibility of coming to Australia. Our last Hope was a holiday visa even though we knew we may not be approved. I got in contact with Ederson, explained our[...]

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Diego Conselheiro

"I recommend Connection Australia to everyone who is in the process of renewing their visa. They were very attentive to my process, always explaining to me all the possibilities and all the processes that I would go through. My case was a little difficult but they were dedicated enough to make it as safe as[...]

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Giovanna Pagliato

"I was very well advised, they were always very willing to listen to my doubts and they showed me several options until together we could find the best cost/benefit so that I could continue my studies in Australia. The visa came in less than a month. The agency is very different from the others, the[...]

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Juliana Castro

"The attention and commitment that Ederson and his team offer is what sets Connection Australia apart from other agencies. I can only thank them for the hard work, the chats, the advice and all the help. It is very good to know that we are not alone here on the other side of the world,[...]

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