7 Professions in High Demand in Australia

Discover which professions are in high demand in the country

Living permanently in Australia is the dream of many international students when they arrive here.

If you want to work in your professional area in Australia, there are some specific requirements depending on the field chosen.

Also, there is the Skilled Occupation List with the job occupations that Australia needs the most and this list is always changing from time to time.

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However, there are some jobs that are always in high demand in the country. Just keep in mind that in most of the professions, you will need to have a certain level of English, prove your professional experience, and sometimes, validate your diploma from Brazil.

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Kitchen’s chef is one of the most required professions in Australia.

To become a head chef, you can study a VET (Vocational Education & Training) course. This means that you can study a Certificate IV in Comercial Cookery and Diploma in Hospitality Management.

Also, during the course, you will learn both the practical and theoretical parts so that you can put into practice everything you learn.


Mechanic automotive is another profession in high demand in the country.

Due to the lack of qualified professionals in Australia, the Mechanic area is increasing and the opportunities are out there. A career in automotive electrical technology will provide you with the skills to maintain, test, diagnose and repair automotive electrical components and systems.

To become an automotive mechanic, you can study Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology and Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis.


As most of the health care occupations, Nursing is also highly demanding in Australia.

Besides, this profession is mainly required in the regional areas of the country and employers are always looking for qualified candidates who are reliable and hard working.

To become a qualified nurse, you can study the Diploma of Nursing and the Bachelor of Nursing.


The construction area is also very demanding in the country.

Carpentry and Painting are some options that you can follow where you will learn how to construct frames for walls and ceilings, make timber joints, assemble furniture components, or construct and install shopfronts.

A career in Carpentry can lead you to work in the residential and/or commercial sectors within the construction industry.

Moreover, in the Painting area, qualified painting and decorating workers are currently in high demand with growth in the building and construction industry resulting in up to 50,000 job openings over the next five years.

You can study Certificate III in Carpentry and Certificate III in Painting & Decorating.


Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Production Engineering…

In general, Engineering is one of the most required professions in Australia. This high demand for graduates means that international students studying engineering have strong prospects of gaining employment in Australia.

Engineering graduates working in Australia can also expect to earn high salaries.

The range of courses will depend on the type of Engineering that you pretend to start.


In the Community Services area, you can become a Social Worker.

You can study the Diploma of Community Services and the Bachelor of Community Services.

In this course, you will learn how to work with people in vulnerable situations such as domestic violence victims, drugs and alcohol users, support to immigrants, among others.


Information Technology is a career that is also increasing in Australia.

You can study a Certificate III and IV in Information Technology, a Diploma of Information Technology, and a Bachelor of Information Technology.

In this area, you can expect to develop an understanding of information systems, programming languages, information management, and artificial intelligence.

After finishing your studies, you will be able to apply your knowledge to solve problems.

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